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Hi, we are Made Studio.
We create architecture and products for living.
We would like to improve our environment,
make life easier and balanced.

Now, Made Studio

Made Studio borns in 2017 as a consequence of professional evolution and growth of Borja Garcia and Laura Ros. Our experience in industrial design and architecture is shown through our passion of doing well and making well. Made is a manifesto of working carefully from the concept to the smallest detail. This new brand takes the experience and career from the previous studio and includes new ways of understanding the project, with new perspectives and maturity. This new platform will allow us to be bold and get the aims of new case studies. 

Our team combines industrial design and architecture professional profiles that join their capabilities to offer panoramic vision results. The result is a professional career of more than 10 years of experience endorsed by many international awards, such as the Red Dot Design Award or the Delta Awards, as well as a prolific activity in exhibitions and publications all over the world.

Brand Focus

We create architecture and products for living. We would like to improve our environment, make life easier and balanced; and we are mad about it, seriously. Our core is Function and our attitude is Emotion, always looking forward to get the extraordinary from the ordinary.


German Design Awards Nominee 2018.
German Design Awards Nominee 2017.
Gold Prize ADCV Awards Interior Furniture 2017.
Gold Prize ADCV Awards Interior Furniture 2017.
Gold Prize ADCV Awards Interior Furniture 2017.
Finailst ADCV Awards Ephimeral Spaces 2017.
Finailst ADCV Awards Permanent Spaces 2017.
Silver Delta ADI Awards 2016.
AD Selection Copenhagen restaurant 2015.
AD Selection Oslo restaurant 2015.
Delta Selection 2014.
Delta Selection 2013.
ADCV Award 2011 Personal Space category.
Red Dot Design Award Winner 2011.
Contest Winner Sede Central Caja Campo Valencia 2008.

Ideas Contest Finalist Sede CTAA Alicante 2008.
INJUVE Selection – Design competition 2007.
Delta Selection 2005.
First Prize Valencia Crea Architecture 2005.
Accesit Valencia Crea, Industrial Design category. 2003.
Second Prize 2020 Peugeot Car International Contest. 2001.
Accesit Thomson Off/On International Contest.
 2001.Accesit cDIM Furniture Design Award. 2001.
Second Prize Nissan Design Contest. 2001.
Second Prize Nissan Design Contest. 2000.
ADCV Selection 2015.
Contest finalist CETEM 2010.
First Prize Habitácola Awards 2004.
First Prize Expohogar Barcelona Contest 2004.

People first.

Our team is our engine. They are the base and structure of everything we do, so we would like to thank everyone that has been part of us in these years: Eva Cerveró, Marian Sánchez-Aedo, Maria Kim, Neus Marín, Diego Bernardeau, Pelayo Couceiro, Sergio Miñana, Carmen Nadal, Francisco Pitarch, Isabel Rojo, Patricia Miñana, Alejandro Sánchez, Pablo Boluda, Federica Bradariolo, Marisa Pla, María Soriano, Rocío Sánchez, Carmen Alcalá, Irina Kazlova, Mariana Rivero, Michela Mellis, Tsvetelina Bacheva and specially to Julia Casanova, Cristina Arroyo, Carolina Ripoll  and Miguel Roldán.  

Borja García. 

Designer, Architect and Partner. 

Passionate about objects and chronicle optimist, Borja leads the team and cares about the creative focus of the studio. Photo lover and cactus curator. 

Laura Ros. 

Architect and Partner. 

Enthusiast and always smiling, Laura drives the studio through a creative and strategic frame of detail and passion. Neverending traveller and Sunday lover.

Laura Llinares. 


Diligent and always willing to learn, Laura cares about the absolute perfection in everything she does. Knitter, architectural aid worker and texture lover.

Cristina Hernández. 


Calm, concentrated and smiling forever. Cristina prints her creativity and passion for design in each project she develops. Together with her cactus, her cats Socarrat and Horchata are her weakness. 

Anna Maccagli


Technical and applied, Anna complements the team with freshness and sympathy. Passionate about traveling, she would go across the world in order to leave nothing without visit.

Perla Qordja. 


Proactive and effective, from her native Albania Perla develops any project with the illusion of the first day. Passionate about Spanish and Portuguese architecture.

Ficus Altissima. 


Bold and honest, our dearest ficus grows with us every day. The legacy of a camper, nature lover and insatiable globetrotter.



ADCV Awards exhibition / Las Naves, Valencia 2017
Inspired in Barcelona, In & Out / Palazzo Isimbardi, Milan 2017
Surface & Interface / Palazzo Litta, Milan 2017
The best design of the year / Disseny Hub, Barcelona 2016
¡Viva el diseño! Red Dot winners from Spain / IAACC, Zaragoza 2016
Design works 2016 / Palacio de Colomina, Valencia 2016
Soul & useful objects / Mad Lab, Madrid 2015
Gastro+Design / Gastrónoma, Valencia 2015
¡Viva el diseño! Red Dot winners from Spain / Essen (Alemania) 2015
Tres décadas de diseño / Las Naves, Valencia 2015
Design sul piatto / Instituto Cervantes, Milan (Italia) 2015
Diseño al plato / La Nau, Valencia 2015
Alrededor de la silla / EASD, Valencia 2014
Design Circus / Venn Gallery, Perth (Australia) 2014
XL/xs / La Rambleta, Sala Cambra, Valencia 2014
Apartament Punt / Vicente Navarro, Valencia 2014
From Valencia With Design / Museo San Pío V, Valencia 2014
El mejor diseño del año Premios Delta / FAD, Barcelona 2013
From Valencia With Design / Las Naves, Valencia 2013
Nude sulla strada / Via Dante, Milan (Italia) 2012
Nude 10 Aniversario / Instituto Cervantes, Milan (Italia) 2012
Exposición Premios ADCV 2011 / Espacio ADCV, Valencia 2011
VDW Rutas 2011 / Espacio Estudio2, Valencia 2010
Red Dot Product Design Winners 2011 / Essen, Alemania 2011
Nude 10 Aniversario / Andenes Feria Habitat Valencia, Valencia 2011
300% Spanish Design / Museo Modelo de Ciencias e Industria
Toluca de Lerdo (México) 2010
300% Spanish Design / Museo Franz Mayer, Ciudad de México 2009
300% Spanish Design / San José (Costa Rica) 2009
300% Spanish Design / Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá, 2009
Injuve – Espacio Habitable / Palau de la Música, Valencia 2008
300% Spanish Design / SESCSP, Sao Paulo (Brasil) 2008

300% Spanish Design / Centro Dagao do Mar, Fortaleza (Brasil) 2008
Injuve – Espacio Habitable / Sala Amadís, Injuve. Madrid 2008
300% Spanish Design / Beijing World Art Museum, Pekín (China) 2007
300% Spanish Design / Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai (China) 2007
Injuve – Certamen de Diseño / Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid 2007
Casadecor 07 / Imprenta Vila, Valencia 2007
300% Spanish Design / Megaronl, Atenas (Grecia) 2006
300% Spanish Design / Palácio Nacional da Ajuda, Lisboa (Portugal) 2006
Casadecor 06 / Cine Metropol, Valencia 2006
TAU Advance y Puntmobles: U-LAT / Casa Pasarela, IFEMA Madrid, Febrero 2006Yo me lo guiso / Casa Pasarela, IFEMA Madrid, Febrero 2006
Spain again, fresh air in spanish design / Embajada, Tokio, Japón 2005
Punt Mobles y la vivienda mínima / SIDI, FIM Valencia 2005
Yo me lo guiso / Sala Kwaleon, Valencia 2005
Domus Mediterránea 2005 / FIM Cultural, Valencia 2005
Valencia Crea 2005 / Mesón de Morella, Valencia 2005
APTM, 6 proyectos vivienda mínima / Construmat, Fira de Barcelona 2005125 m3 / Sala de exposiciones de la ETSA de Valencia 2005
Biennal Design St-Etienne / Area Colectivo Español, St-Etienne 2004
Domus Mediterránea 2004 / Feria Internacional del Mueble, Valencia 2004
NUDE 2004 / Feria Internacional del Mueble, Valencia 2004.
Concurso Expohogar 2004 / Area Expo Montjuit II, Fira de Barcelona 2004.
125 m3 / Sala Expo FAD > Convent dels Angels, Barcelona 2004.
Diseño Español + Modoloco / Instituto Cervantes, Milan 2004.
Domus Mediterránea 2003 / Feria Internacional del Mueble, Valencia 2003.
NUDE 2003 / Feria Internacional del Mueble, Valencia 2003.
Valencia Crea / Mesón de Morella, Valencia 2003.
NUDE 2002 / Feria Internacional del Mueble, Valencia 2002.
Cdim 2001 / IVAM Centro Julio González, Valencia 2001.
Ahora Diseño! / Sala Amadís, Madrid, 2001.
1000 horas de diseño industrial / Palacio de Colomina, Valencia 2000.